The second I saw this Black Addicted sweatshirt, I knew it was for me! I mean I am somewhat addicted to all things black – me in a shop (especially homeware) “do you have this in black?” “OK, what about white?”.  The distressed jeans were also a no brainer, and as for the trench – I live in it!

I bought these heels a while back in red first, which I wore here; as soon as the red arrived I knew I needed the black and that I had to stud them with black studs – black on black, whut?!.  I’ll upload the vid of the process on here as soon as I’ve got round to editing it.

Right, I’m off to drink a jasmine tea while I finish some stuff for Freak Deluxe.

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So my uncle got married yesterday *sings CONGRATULATIONS LA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAAA* so we spent the weekend in Birmingham, and quite lovely it was too. Luckily the gods were on our side and the rain held off for most of the day! I made this tribal print co-ord to wear for this wonderful occasion, and quite a hit it was too.

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I have not done an outfit post in so goddamn long! Ive been so busy rushing around to press days and events, we just haven’t had the time to take a minute and snap some photos (lame I know). Anyway, going through my pics on this Good Friday, I came across these pics we took before we headed out to my honey’s bday party last year.

Wearing my leopard leather co-ord with half leather sleeves. If you’ve followed me on insta for a while you will have seen an instag ootd pic.

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My new bomber, slithers of red velvet animal print on white canvas! If you follow my insta (@LMSYWfashion) you’ll know that I wore this to the first day of LFW, it got a bunch of buzz, interviews, and street style snaps. I rocked it with one of my favourite tees, my Naomi Campbell Freak Deluxe tee, some black coated jeans rolled above the ankle, and my sexy red/black/beige heels!


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This was the fabric that I was talking about when I was just looking at these Zara shoes, would that be too much mesh though?

This is one of my fave outfits, my neo/mesh racer back top and pencil skirt, I wore it to one of my bestie’s 30th birthday at the beginning of the month. You may have seen a snippet of it if you follow me on instagram. The jacket I wore to LFW here, I usually don’t go for too much of the same thing, but this I love. Teamed with pops gold in the jewellery and heels.

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We’re a creative little bunch my family and I; aside from the shoes and the jewellery, oh and the sunnies – everything is handmade! Mamasita made me this snood, so cozy, so chunky, so warm! Haven’t taken it off since I got it (well maybe to shower). I made the sweater, skirt, and what I like to call my “thigh highs” – my new favourite accessories.

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LFW Day 2 was fun, wore a weather proof outfit (just as well) the wind and the rain were f*kd up today (again)!!! Almost got blown away waiting for the Charlie May show at the OXO2 by the river, very nearly lost my hat (tut) her show was amazing, will upload pics shortly.

This neo bomber is so spongy its practically windproof, and my pants with knee length zips are rainproof!

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I bought this fabric towards the end of last year, apparently it’s Roland Mouret fabric (if that means anything). Anyhoo, I made this top and skinny pants combo and wore this ensemble out on NYE – this is the first opportunity to shoot it and throw it on the blog. Considering getting some more of it to make something else. Thoughts?

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I have a new love in my life; they’re long, black, with skin so buttery soft – my leather arm warmers. Black leather, gold zips! I made these because I don’t always want to wear my leather gloves (difficult to browse on the iPhone, etc), and sometimes I want to wear a short sleeve sweater/tee but my arms get chilly; you know how it is right?

I’ve had knitted arm warmers before which were cute ‘n all, but I wanted something more durable/sexy/badass. I lined them with a grey jersey wool, which you would have seen on my instagram, for warmth and coziness. The zips, I added for easy access, even though I can pull them on and off, and of course I love my gold hardware.

The black leather arm warmers are available to order here.

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Say hello to my new Cyrena Monique XL coat…charcoal wool with muted pinstripes, and grey leopard print lining. Obsessed much?! I designed it to be oooooh-versized, it fits my honey perfectly, like it was tailored for him – apart from the sleeves need to be longer for him (he wears an XL). It’s all me from start to finish – designed it, made the pattern, cut it, sewed it, and now I’m wearing it!

Oh yeah, I’m also wearing my leather arm warmers (you may have seen them on my Instagram) they are the perfect accessory for these chilly days. I like to rock them with a leather jacket too, extends the look a little further. Thoughts?

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